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We are RicoSol Studios, a podcasting production group.

This is the home of RAZA VOZ, the VOICE of RAZA in USA.


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Rico Sol Studios announces that it is launching a podcast that will explore the 241-year history of La Raza in Silicon Valley The name of the podcast will be Raza Voz because RicoSol Studios believes that La Raza needs its voice, hence the name Raza Voz that will allow Raza to express itself and to explore the culture and history of La Raza in Silicon Valley from the time of the indigenous cultures that go back thousands of years, to the founding of San Jose in 1777 during the Spanish period, to the Mexican period, the gold rush, the creation of the agricultural empire known at the Valley of Heart's Delight and finally to the city of 1 million people in the region that the world knows as Silicon valley While the world glamorizes high tech and Silicon Valley, Raza Voz intends to also explore the history of Human tech in Silicon Valley. From the time of the gold rush When Mejicano and Chileno miners taught the gold rushers how to mine for gold and silver, to the times when Raza worked in the fields with a short-handled hoe, to the canneries, the assembly lines and the halls of the high tech titans, La Raza has provided the "human tech" that is the forgotten and neglected part of the creation of Silicon Valley. ...MORE.......

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More about our mission!

Our greatest generations our abuelos and tios and tias sacrificed so that the children of farmworkers, cannery and assembly line and car plant workers could go to college in unprecedented numbers beginning in the '60s. Protests and picketing for police and educational reform, engaging in voter registration and education, and successfully participating in electoral politics created La Raza's professional class in every field imaginable and let us remember that there are five members of La Raza sitting on SJ's City Council, 3 of which are women.

Raza Voz acknowledges the contributions of the women of La Raza and will explore this theme in depth. Raza Voz wants to encourage the younger generations, especially the children and all the citizens of silicon valley to learn of the rich history of La Raza in silicon valley.

Finally, a few words on why we use the term La Raza to describe ourselves. Raza Voz wishes to foster dialogue with our primos throughout the United States, from the Carribean, Mexico, Central and South America, hence the use of a more inclusive term, so whether you call yourself a Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Mexican American or Mejicano, remember we are all part of the same culture so let us celebrate our rich diversity and history together and with all the cultures of Silicon Valley.

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Latest News

Check in this space for the latest news about our podcasts and other projects. We will try to let you know. RAZA VOZ's first episode: A conversation with Teresa Castellanos and her daughter Ketzal Gomez, Two generations of SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISTS.
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Coming Soon conversations with Fred Hirsch, Human Rights Activist, from SAL SI PUEDES to the Fields of DELANO, Califas. Bill Ramos, Chicano holy man and mentor to the youth of East San Jose and Aztlan. We will try to let you know of our progress with social media and hope to attach those accounts to the icons below. Also, there will be a place to find out how you can find our podcast to download, subscribe or how to listen on your favorite devices.

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